Raise Money

Why Fundraise?

Like many people we have been affected by breast cancer with both friends and family members having suffered but thankfully come through the ordeal.

Although we can find no evidence to suggest that wearing the wrong sized under-wired bra can increase your chances of suffering such a terrifying illness as breast cancer, neither can we find any evidence against it. Perhaps we can help reduce incidences of this in the UK by teaching women how to measure and fit their correct Bra Size?

To help raise money for Breast Cancer research, we have opted to donate a proportion of our sales, 1 from each full priced membership sold on this website will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer with whom we have registered as a community fundraiser.


Our workshops raise 25% (after costs) which with a group of 40 paying attendances raises 200, this is either donated to our chosen charity, or in the case of Parent Teacher Associations can be donated to their own funds.