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There Is No Maths Involved In a Professional Bra Fitting!

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Check your fit

Check your bra fitting and see how it measures up.

Our statistics show (on the homepage) even women who have been measured are not satisfied with their bra fittings. This compounds the fact that most stores measure incorrectly, so the idea that women find their bras uncomfortable is not surprising.

  • Does your bra irritate you during the day?
  • Do the wires dig in anywhere?
  • Pulling the underband down during the day?
  • If you jump up and down or bend over, do you have to readjust your Bra afterwards?
  • If you pull your underband forward at the front, do your boobs fall out underneath?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES. You need to get a better fit!

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY your bras are so uncomfortable?
If you have ever been measured you may assume it's your fault, telling yourself "bras are not made in my size", or think "They'll be o.k once I lose a few pounds".
Maybe the last time you went bra shopping, you got so fed up with trying different bras on you ended up buying the one before last, because it was less uncomfortable than the rest?

If your bra is uncomfortable, it doesn't fit!

Being women and subject to those dreaded hormones once every month, means our body weight can fluctuate quite dramatically, therefore you should be measured at least three times- even four times per year, if you account for weight fluctuations for the seasons too.

Take the guesswork out of it and learn how to get your Perfect-Fit!

Once you have read and understood our short course, you should only ever need to take three bras into the fitting room with you. One of them will fit Perfectly!

Does your bra look similar to this?

Front view of ill fitting bra causing bulges Side view of ill fitting bra causing bulges

Fig 1. Front and side views of ill fitted bra causing bulges

Wearing clothes over the top of a bra worn like this will only accentuate the fact that there are too many lumps and bumps!

Or This?

Front view of perfect fit bra Side view of perfect fit bra

Fig 2. Front and side views of a Perfectly Fitted bra

A refined sillhouette will give a more proportioned look, once everything is in the right place clothes will look and feel better on. You can feel quite literally as if a weight has been lifted!

  • What figure type are you?
  • What shape are your breasts?
  • What style of bra suits you best?
  • How do you adapt your size through manufacturers?

We can help with the answers to these questions. Most women have never had the luxury of discovering what style suits them best, as they just end up buying the bra that doesn't dig in as much as the last one hoping it will be more comfortable, wasting money on items they can't return or exchange.

We have found on average women have at least three bras in their drawer they do not wear because they are too uncomfortable.

How many do you have?

Treat yourself to a professional fit with The Perfect Fit and get the most from future lingerie purchases - wherever you shop.

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