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Perfect-Fit Case Study #1

Subject: Julie, a workaholic businesswoman.

A very busy lady, Julie and her fiancée run businesses in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

As soon as she’d done the hooks up on the first bra, Julie uttered the words every corsetiere wants to hear:

It doesn’t feel like I’ve got a bra on !

When I told her the size, she was surprised to say the least.

I’m a 34DD? Then why was I measured a week ago as a 36C?

I asked Julie how many bras she had in her drawer that she doesn’t wear, “About ten”
(if they cost £20 each, that’s £200!).

Has being measured professionally made a difference to the way you shop for lingerie?

It’s made a huge difference, I went into a store recently,I picked up three bras – all 34DD and they fit perfectly! My clothes look & fit better and I feel so much more comfortable, it’s amazing.

My bras were not comfortable before, I was always fiddling... Either pulling them down from between my shoulder blades or prizing the front wiring from out of my breast bone.

What were your lingerie buying habits before you knew your correct size?

I’d spend hours searching for a bra that fitted me, in the size I was measured for, but would often end up with nothing "Knowing" my size, as I thought I did because I had bothered to be sized by ‘professional’ staff, I naturally assumed it was me, often going home with nothing or an ill fitting last resort!

It was such a waste of time, so I only went when the wiring had worked its way out and pierced me in the eye or the dog ate them ...I generally wore them to the death!

How about now?

Love it. I have spent loads on refurbishing my lingerie drawer. I nearly have every colour again. Plus I can wear T shirts now without looking like I\'m taking a couple of ferrets out for the day!

How long have you known your size? And How many bras do you think you’ve bought since ?

I have known my perfect size for about six months now, I have bought Nine if you include the one I ordered from you yesterday!

I now notice so many women with \"lumpy\" ill fitting clothes due to badly fitting bras, which is what you saw in me.

It’s success stories like this that make our jobs at The-perfect-Fit worthwhile. We talk to women all the time who think they know their correct size, because they have bothered to go and be measured. With over 80% of women wearing the wrong size, make sure you know for sure. Learn the corsetry method, and benefit from every single bra you buy in future.

TOP TIP :If you are measured over AND under your bust the size your are told will almost certainly be wrong!

Case Study #2

Caroline - a Mature Student.

Caroline is a mature student, aged 34. She took a year out to have her baby, who is now 15months old.

Did you have to fiddle with your bras at all before you wore the right size, were they comfortable?

They were very uncomfortable; the wires were always digging in and leaving marks, I was constantly having to pull my boobs into their cups. It was always a relief to take my bra off!

Would you say that being measured professionally and given size switching tips has made a difference ?

Certainly, it\'s a lot easier knowing how to switch between sizes, I still had to try a few bras on, but it was definitely easier - and quicker!

How many bras have you bought since we measured you?

After seeing you I took the 3 really uncomfortable bras back to the store and exchanged them, the returns queue was so long, by the time I got to the front I don’t think they cared that I’d worn and washed them!

‘They’ had measured me as 36DD, you measured me as 30G -I mean how wrong were they????

Now I have been measured professionally I feel more confident wearing tighter tops, I can wear the tunic style I like as they actually fit in the right place! I feel better about myself, I’ve bought new clothes, got rid of the mumsie stuff I had and I feel a bit younger again - more in line with the other girls on my course.

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