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There Is No Maths Involved In a Professional Bra Fitting!

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The-Perfect-Fit is committed to protecting its customers data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. All personal information - such as Names and Addresses, are securely stored and will not be shared with, or sold on to any third party- except if necessary in accordance with the law.

Data Access

This website and database is owned and run by The-Perfect-Fit. Should you wish to gain access to your Personal information, please write to the address on the contact us page.

Survey Information

Information collected in the form of survey answers becomes the property of The-Perfect-Fit and will be used to form statistics to better promote our services and the need for all women to correctly fit their lingerie. No personally identifiable details such as names and addresses will be used as part of the statistics, excepting the use of postcodes to ascertain where our business is most popular and which areas could benefit from locally targeted promotional strategies.

Other Information

Any information, comments, suggestions or feedback via any form of communication shall be assumed non-confidential unless otherwise stated. The-Perfect-Fit shall be free to use, replicate or publicly display such information without limitation.


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